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Ever since covid, the virtual world has become our new normal. Working remote (or a hybrid) has been celebrated by most companies and most people are now comfortable doing pretty much everything online. Originally, we were known as “Startup Bootkamp” and were strictly helping founders (4,300+) across the country with our amazing in person events. Post covid, scaleups and corporations were inquiring about putting on internal staff events to keep their employees engaged while investing in learning and development. This is when Kamp was born.

Kamp’s sole mission is to create awesome virtual event experiences; whether that is for a new startup founder to learn how to launch a startup or a CEO of a 100-person company looking to keep their staff engaged. We have a long rolodex of impressive business professionals, service providers and entertainers. We know how to organize, manage and host each event with precision and believe us, a lot of skill is involved. Lastly, we are here for all of your event needs and want to make virtual events great again!

Created For Founders By A Founder

Phil Castro

Founder & Event Captain @ Kamp

Phil is a highly established, award winning startup veteran from Chicago. He has been crowned “35 Under 35”, “Startup of the Year”, “Young Leaders in Tech” and much more. He’s also no stranger in the media with being featured in over 30+ publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, Medium, BuzzFeed, WGN, TastyTrade, ABC, etc.
Phil is the event captain of Kamp and helps provide unforgettable experience for all of his clients. He himself began his career working for portfolio companies under the Lightbank venture capital umbrella in 2009 (many unicorns started out of there like Groupon, MediaOcean, InnerWorkings, Tempus, Uptake, etc) and was quickly immersed in the startup world in a very unique way. This lead to “Startup Bootkamp” forming to help founders and then pivoted to “Kamp” to help scaleups and corporations with internal staff events as well. Phil started throwing events in college and has thrown over 2,000 events since 2005. 
Couldn't recommend Phil Castro and his programs enough! As a new founder they were so beneficial for me and full of useful information that I will be using going forward in my company. His ability to host these events are simply unmatched, I would even say it was the most impactful virtual event experience I ever encountered!
Phil is a pure definition of "From Story Teller to Story Maker". I have attended his events and was blown away with copious amount of information and real-life exemplifications. Guest speakers were carefully handpicked to deliver step-by-step approach on various topics. I was left with colossal motivation and tools to succeed, along with stupendous network of mentors, friends and investors.
Phil is the real deal. Not only does he have the experience to talk about all aspects of the startup journey, but his ability to put together one excellent speaker after another makes him a superstar event producer.
Greg FraginFounder/CEO Loop
I attended Phil’s main event this past weekend and it was by far the best virtual event I’ve been a part of. It was jam-packed with relevant information, amazing speakers, and great networking opportunities providing me with key contacts and tools to help me take my business to the next level. I cannot recommend any of his events enough and if you have the chance to work with him, count your blessings!
Sam MooreFounder/CEO Hazlo

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